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Our wellness center will open soon

Our wellness area will be located at the entrance area in a wooden chalet.
Between tradition and modernity, you will be pleasantly greeted by our professional beauty treatments that will advise you to perfection.
In a Zen atmosphere and an atmosphere designed for your peace of mind, you will find the perfect balance between tradition and design decoration.
Each piece is dedicated to specific treatments:
steam bath or hammam, scrub room where you can lie on a table ceramic heater, massage and finally the beauty space.
The bucolic setting that surrounds allow you to escape … Relaxation, harmony and beauty alone or with friends.
To make this reservation and we privatize this space for special events (birthday, wedding, bachelor party girl or simply precious moments between friends).
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The hammam is a lush beauty ritual in the world. Originally from the East, it is considered a makeover as its benefits are many. Described at length in Arabian Nights , this Eastern tradition attaches the greatest importance to purification. This ritual is performed in a hot steam bath for relaxation where your skin breathe.
It should then apply the artisanal soap delicately scented and made ​​according to a traditional recipe.
The virgin olive oil which consists nourishes the skin and regenerates. An application as a prelude to intense purifying scrub and glove Kassa .
Kassa is a glove soft natural fiber and dislodge all the impurities from your skin, revealing its beauty and softness.
Deeply purified it regain its luster while respecting the most sensitive skin.


For your pleasure, 3 different massages according to your needs.

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relaxing massage with essential oils
This treatment is made with artisanal oils with essential oils and provides a soft, enveloping technique, work full relaxation of the body from the toes to the tips of hair.
It will cause you to relax completely.
By long movements, however fluid and precise with a deep relaxation that relieves muscle tension and provides an overall improvement in well-being.
The wrapping and sculpting the body awaken all your senses.
This massage is more complete than the mythical ritual California …
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Tibetan Massage
Very rare and original this massage is done from bags of hot salt and semi -precious stones.
Very invigorating and it is full of rare effectiveness : your energy system is restarted , balanced, relaxed you are ( e) .
It will leave your skin extremely soft and energize your body. Following the Tibetan tradition , the massage will Mapping Buddhist energy systems.
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Hot Stone Massage
Originating in the tradition of Navajo Indians , this massage combines selected essential oils and the benefits of hot basalt stones .
The massage begins with a full body massage with warm oil before laying the stones on strategic areas of the body .
A very massage “cocooning” to reach a level of relaxation.
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